Picktenants FAQ

Pick a Good Tenant, Lease with Confidence as our core values, Picktenants.com is a tenant screening and tenant management platform. Our mission is to upgrade and improve properties investment and management culture in Malaysia. With picktenants vision, we aim to become the biggest platform that protect landlord benefit. With CTOS as our tenant financial background screening provider, and together with PDRM report and our database, we can help landlord/agent precisely identify the trustworthy of every tenants.

As long as Owner use pickteant manage their tenants, all transaction record will permanantly store in platform, if tenant try to be bad, next owner will not rent property to the bad tenant, until the cases is settle with ex-owner.

if bad tenant notice the owner will manage them throught picktenants, they will either avoid the owner, or pay rental ontime to prevent bad tenant record keep in the platform.

When u found a good tenant, you have to manage them properly, cause previous good record cannot guarantee tenant also can maintain good record in future . Picktenant will help u recursively remind tenant pay rental ontime. which help us keep tenant always be good.

Picktenants have a feature call ontime guard, we can direct deduct tenant bank account rental every month ontime as long as the account with balance.

Just sign up become our member, it is free to submit a bad tenants record! the bad tenant have to settle the bad record with u before they can rent another new property. To pull down the bad tenant record, u have to pay us 5% of the oustanding as a data management fees.

Just sign up become our member, than submit tenant IC No together with consent, wait about 24 hours, u will get the report in picktenants.com.

Yes! u can submit as well, as long as with proof and evidence.