1. Sign up first, then login

2. Go to Dashboard

3. Click on Bad Tenant > click on Add Bad Tenant record button, fill in info and evidence, submitted, status show:

4. After backend cs review done, u will saw the record in this status:

5. Means have to wait until tenants settle with reporter, then show status:

6. Tenancy agreement,Whatsapp chat history,Police report,photo evidences.

1. Login Tenant System

2. Go to Dashboard, click View on selected "My tenanted properties"

3. Click Setup Auto Rental Payment button

4. after setup completed, owner side will saw this hint in agreement: "Tenant auto rental payment activated!"

5. Hint: Auto rental collection will start on second month

1. Sign up first, then login

2. Go to Dashboard

3. Click on Screening, then click on Submit Screening Request.

4. Download "consent_form_ctos_bph_19042019.pdf", ask potential tenant sign and upload with tenant IC No

5. Before payment, the status is

6. After payment, status turn to

7. After a day, we will give you the result, status turn to with view button

1. Go to Dashboard

2. Click on Property -> Add property -> Save.

3. Viewable to Agents turn on means owner allow agent to contact owner.

4. Added property will show in agent profile if premium account activated and viewable in agent profile turn on.

1. Click on Dashboard -> Property -> Add Agreement.

2. After save, click on View to look into agreement detail. User can manually upload receipt, either owner/agent/tenant.

3. If Auto rental payment activated, system will auto record the payment status.

4. Generate next rental record, we give flexibility to owner/agent to collect extra month rental by click on this button. Major for scenario that extend 1 or few months. For record purpose, auto rental collection will not work exceed the rental agreement period.

5. Renew agreement, with this button, owner/agent can renew the rental agreement and continue the auto rental collection seamlessly. Owner/agent need to upload new agreement, new end date only.

1. Click on Apply POS Machine button.

2. Click on the button, show T&C, click on agree, next got to payment RM 1500 for deposit.

3. After payment make, show our address where to collect the machine. Or enter address to poslaju over to agents.

Pending content..

1. Sign up first, then login

2. Go to Dashboard, click on "Upgrade" to agent premium package below label "Free Package"

3. Make payment, successfully.

4. You are now upgraded to "Panel Package"

1. Refer Upgrade to Panel Agent

2. Go to Dashboard, click on Agent Profile, fill up information, then save.

3. Add Testimonial.

4. Refer How to add properties.

5. Profile setup done, now pre on share profile link button to share to Whatsapp, or copy link to your potential customer.